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Tony Pereira Ferreira
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Tony Pereira Ferreira, self-taught painter, born on 04/13/1983 in Nancy (54). Lives and works in Lyon.


Tony Pereira Ferreira, universal depths.


Tony Pereira Ferreira creates an abstract universe; a chaos on the erratic borders of contingency. Without a model, in a meditative and contemplative way, his paintings are apprehended like moving stars, fragments of the universe. But the artist also transcribes his interior life there. “I paint my secret life, my night, imaginary skies, projections of my mind, dreams. "


From the infinitely large to the infinitely small, from the absolute entity to the perception of the intimate, this source of creativity explores the space of what connects and what separates. The clashes of the cosmos like those of the introspective world coexist in movement, causing the reading of a back and forth that questions the idea of beginning and end. We enter the dawning darkness of a night where the glimmers of the planets stand out. Under this starry night, we imagine hidden worlds while wondering about their origins.


The artist works in acrylic, the content and the form at the same time, letting the random express itself through controlled projections, propelling the aspirations of a modern Action Painting. Sometimes a few lines made with the handle of his brush participate in the structure of the composition. Added to this are glazes that reinforce the relationship between opacity and transparency, luminosity and depth. The variations are linked, are released with intensity and are magnified by a halo of light, signified by the conjunction of a reflection, witness of the illuminated experience.


With a strong spatial presence, the compositions give birth to illuminated stars which are linked to a complex network. The rhythmic and nervous performance shows a true ecstatic combination where color dominates. The colored range counts for a lot for the painter. The tones are superimposed, entangled according to a dazzling chromatic process. The tones are phagocytosed, forming a visual big bang that does not lack harmony.


The masses trace and merge, generating an expanding model. A shift from flatness to volume works the relief and textures.

"I let the under-layers appear in places by giving them a shape with sharp contours which contrast, by their colors and their luminosity, by establishing a relationship between the edges of the canvas, the frame, and the center, more vaporous, more impalpable. "


The dynamic forces expressed by the gesture, the impression of spontaneity, emotional intensity and energy support the compositions. The sum of these phenomena, these movements and these correspondences are all catalysts for possible narratives. From the apparent calm of the constellations hides a latent explosion; all the pleasure of an upcoming event.


Tony Peireira Ferreira paints the indeterminate that everyone can feel as a universal vibration, a revealed copy of humanity.

“I see my creation as an opportunity to transmit positive energy. Give to dream, transmit a feeling of harmony, convey a feeling of appeasement, depth, light and universality. "

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