Portrait Stéphaniie Malossane_edited.png

Stéphanie is a visual artist painter. Since her studies in Applied Arts at Duperré in Paris then at Central Saint Martins in London, Stéphanie Malossane's work has developed on the theme of memory, light and the superimpositions of time and places. Based in London in the 1990s, her works mixing screen printing, painting and photography have been recognized on the English scene and have earned her international commissions, notably in the United States. His travels, in particular to Japan, China, the United States and Sri Lanka, strongly mark his work and make it evolve. Back in France, she resides in Brittany where her work is strongly influenced by the strength and beauty of natural elements giving birth to series such as “Lunes” and “Temps suspendus”.

In Paris since 2015, Stéphanie explores the “Inner”, and seeks to establish how a work accompanies us and participates in our personal and spiritual development. She mixes mixed techniques of painting, alternative photography, sometimes video exploring the semi-abstract and the 3D effect of a work.

Stéphanie focuses on “soul reflections” in nature. Environmental nature and interior nature, fragile and strong in faith, come into harmony and speak to us through the work. The work speaks to us through nature, our nature. The artist aspires to create instinctive works that soothe and allow encounters, meditative and reflective supports with others and with ourselves and questions what makes a work alive and how it accompanies us.

Stéphanie reflects on the elements of synchronicity that generate and flow from her creations. Thus new works are born from the stages of creation.

The artist explores multi-dimensionality, non-linear time, inner freedom, light. Indeed, the current situation has more intensely opened up the question of space and freedom. Like the bird and the wind, our inner being is free even if its space is limited. We are imbued with this superposition of time. We are multi-dimensional beings. Within ourselves time is not linear. It superimposes our past, our present and our future.