Skio produced its first graffiti in 1993 in the South of France.

Favoring vandal lettering at its beginnings then a figurative and romantic universe stemming from its pop and televisual culture, this artist coming from studies of graphic and industrial design brings his know-how and his technique towards a singular art which mixes geometrical forms and representation realistic to question our presence in the urban space.

Inspired by the Bauhaus, and artists such as Chirico, Magritte and even Dali, Skio knew how to create his own universe by exploiting his experience and his mastery of techniques as well with spray paint, brush and air-brush.

At ease on large formats, through the walls on which he inscribes his art in the heart of the city, this muralist also likes workshop work.

His sense of assembly and his remarkable sensitivity make Skio an essential artist of street-art, in testimony his presence in many festivals for more than 20 years.