Born in French-speaking Switzerland, Sergio Aranda has lived mainly in Geneva, Barcelona, Madrid and currently in Paris.

Jewelery designer, diamond expert and professional plastic artist, the artist is a lover of art in all its forms with a passion for "urbex decay". If he chose abstract and contemporary art, it is because they are modern styles that oppose realism and therefore his other profession, the creation of jewelry. Focus in expressive force in shapes and colors. For Sergio Aranda abstract and contemporary art is a meeting with the senses.

  Her work is a decorative painting, made with acrylics and mixed media, which finds its originality in the multiple interactions between the different textures and its color palette. A painting strongly influenced by his travels in places specific to the amateurs of urbex (contraction of urban exploration), as well as most of the big cities of the world. Industrial, contemporary and minimalist style, his painting is born from the effects of rust, damaged, broken, aged, burnt materials, etc. or still others of ornamental styles such as worn tapestry; but all share the same idea of the degradation of materials. Structure, strength, texture and contrasts allow each work to release its depth and become a pictorial "jewel".