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Seb is a visual artist born in Meaux in Seine-et-Marne in 1973. When choosing his orientation, Seb cannot imagine an activity without a direct link to drawing. At 12, the budding artist had set up his first studio in a former grain store on the family farm. A few years later, he attended graphic arts schools, made numerous artistic encounters and assiduously traveled through Parisian museums. He also discovers and feeds on creative movements in vogue in the 1980s, such as free figuration and graffiti. When he came of age, Seb became a professional graphic designer: a profession that immersed him in the world of communication while leaving plenty of room for his imagination. Passionate about painting, sculpture and more broadly the visual arts, Seb has long been interested in "Street Art". Moments shared with singular artists such as: Sirius 156, Moze, Popay, Futura 2000 and more particularly Jonone (American graffiti artist) who transmitted his pictorial energy to him. He amalgamates many influences, from Jean-Michel Basquiat to Robert Combas via Antoni Tapiés, Miquel Barcelo, Richard Texier and above all Guillaume Corneille whom he met and whose liveliness of colors captivates him. Seb paints mainly on paper and on canvas most often from salvage. Acrylic, aerosol spray, oil paint, oil pastel, collage and modeling make up his working basis. These materials are vigorously thrown onto the supports. Based in Brittany near the Briochin coast, the artist also incorporates objects washed up by the sea in his works. Nature plays an important role in his creative process. Seb draws a large part of his inspiration from the elements (water and plants) as well as from the stories relating to the creation of the world.

Humanatura, a series of living imaginary characters.

SEB has been sharing the life of these imagined creatures, imaginary but so alive since 2016. The artist likes to work on supports which have already lived, which have a history of their own. He collects a lot of things during his immersions in nature, stores them in his workshop which is full of them. He appropriates these new treasures, travels by telling himself stories, constructs their new history. "Humanatura" was born… SEB, rich in its encounters with the Amazonian peoples, transcribed in this very visual and colorful series, humanity and symbolism. The "Humanatura" come from so far away, they have always been in Seb, such an evidence, they must have emerged from his bowels. Seb has built them over the years, through emotional touches, resulting from encounters, precious wanderings, sentimental discoveries.

Everything is a reference to the nativity, to water, to life in this imaginary world ...

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