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Philippe Marlats

My work is the result of a long process of sedimentation resulting from artistic encounters with relatives and masters which today allows me to let go and make room for chance of the gesture and the color applied raw out of the tube or mixed. directly on the support.

When we are interested in the development of drawing in children, we are struck by how fundamental the fight against chance is for them. Of course, there is the stage of fortuitous realism which seizes on chance to arrive at forms, but it is a little as if man were constantly fighting this force of chance in him, deviant, disturbing, in the organization of the visible. On the other hand, the history of art could show that chance has taken hold of the art scene since the twentieth century. It took me years to learn and then less time to unlearn and master the indomitable, to be "contemporary" ... or quite simply, myself.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

From an early age, I took drawing and painting lessons. As a child, I benefited from the teachings of the Martenot method where I discovered various techniques: oil painting, charcoal, Indian ink and introduced me to the landscape; then, I attended the School of Fine Arts in Orléans. In 2000, I took an academic drawing course for 10 years at the Société des Arts de Talence Aquitaine , under the direction, in particular, of Alain PAOLI, former professor at the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts, Grand Prix de la Casa Velasquez. I am learning about the living model that I continue to practice.

I got to know, very young, two artists, Jean-Paul Ferron, watercolor painter inspired by the lights and the skies of the Loire, and Brother Laurent Knaff , Benedictine monk in Saint Benoît sur Loire, painter, inspired by ZAO-WOU-KI whom he meets. They encourage me and advise me in my practice.

I obtain a baccalaureate in Letters and Plastic Arts; I am presented to the Concours Général d'Arts Plastiques by my high school teacher, Jean Beauchard , painter, graphic designer and writer.

Parisian for a few years, I multiply the visits to exhibitions, the reading of art books, artistic websites: I build my imagery.

Sedimentation therefore, made of meetings and then one day in 2011 the break with a classical figurative approach for a passage to the expressionist act influenced by Baselitz, Matisse, Joan Mitchell, Kline, Sam Francis, ... and the discovery of acrylic offering all opportunity for a practice based on a fair balance between mastery and impulse.

In 2011, I started the series “La Chute de l'Homme” based on the shock / revelation of a magazine image and worked on the female nude.

The Fall of Man accompanies me in an essential and universal question: what is the place of man, what is our place, in this life, in this universe, the relationship of each one to his finitude and to Evil? As a counterweight, in search of a fair balance, in this relationship to the other and to oneself, the female nude, connects me, connects us, to the benefactor Nature, source of desire.

In conclusion, my work is to be shared with the “viewer” who is an actor in the work placed before his eyes and also invites him to reflect, to meditate on his own relationship to existence and to Nature. Humanism.

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