Santoni Patrick is a visual artist who lives and works in France. He made his debut in Street Art during his studies at Fine Arts. From these beginnings his work was anti-establishment, over time the aesthetic was simplified tending towards the advertising poster. Like Gerhard Richter, the artist constantly questions his work.

In 2010 he took a new direction of research focused on the landscape with photographic support. His landscapes reveal an ideological commitment, a societal drift, sometimes underlined by the title, they are often linked to the hopes born in childhood shattered by the disillusionment of adulthood.

Each painting is a questioning, a research on the understanding of the world through the use of our relationship to the landscape. The artist, using a classic painting technique, the juxtaposition of clears and blurs, presents a magical and fantastic universe, but ordered and extremely aesthetic, which he then partly destroys with the help of graphics or impasto. The viewer is captured and disturbed by this unusually plastic image, this destabilization puts him in a favorable position to question himself.

His work is now present in many private collections in the United States (New York, Miami, Texas, Los Angeles) and in Europe (France, Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Germany) and in a collection public in Asia, in 2004 one of his works on paper entered the collection of the "National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts" in Taipei, Taiwan.