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After graduating from the École Supérieure des Arts Modernes de Paris, the artist "Nouna" Denise Benarroch, after past experience in creation and decoration in an industrial and commercial environment, was caught up in the 1990s by the world of sculpture . She then joined Myriam Franck's studio where she explored a range of styles, then followed a course at the École Boule, enough to nurture an insatiable desire for evolution.

The artist then collaborates with an artistic trophy creation agency while pursuing his own creations. This is how she signs several pieces inspired by artistic advertising photos: The shell woman (2000), The perfume woman (2001), The mouth (2002).

She shapes several academic nudes, but her creative streak sends her back to a totally free practice inspired by contemporary art. It was then that she decided to sign her works with her middle name: Nouna.

From the pure earth are born his sculptures: "I work on living models which awaken in me the forms, the lines and the curves" explains the artist. She adds: “With these moving scrolls, I recreate harmony and balance by associating my sensitivity and my imagination. " 

Outside the academic margins of sculpture, Nouna takes on techniques mixed with subtlety for a daring artistic result, devoting great importance to symbols in her practice. An alchemy that makes her strength and gives her incredible energy in a very mature style that she never betrays.


Today, Nouna exhibits at the biggest contemporary art fairs, but also in many galleries in France and internationally.

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