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Abstract but not abstract, figurative but not figurative ... Michael Sfez is not defined in a single style. Free and wild spirit, his paintings emerge from the lines all drawn from the usual movements. This way of seizing everything that surrounds him to transform it into art, he will create the movement of Synthesism.

Sfez, creator of Synthesism

Sfez, involuntarily and spontaneously associates perceptions that should not be related. From primitive art to modern art, the joy of watching children play, to the colors of flowering trees ... This all, he synthesizes. He will call it: Synthesism. This new movement demonstrates the emotions, the beauty of curves and colors inhabiting this world.

His "healthy" addiction

As a child, boredom quickly pushes him to lose himself in his imagination. Dreaming is a way to escape from an often lukewarm daily life. His passionate nature drives him in a constant search for intensity. The creation will know how to channel his boiling emotions and will come to save him from a school system that turns him off. A stimulant synonymous with appeasement coming to satisfy his inner duality. On the one hand, the amplifying effect of art overcomes its search for exaltation. On the other hand, the anxiolytic effect, evacuates his accumulated intense emotions.

A gateway to oneself, open forever.

Ode to the human soul

Each line is a possibility to create beauty. Instead of being an outline, its curves are a continuity of being. As if another universe unfolded inside his canvas. The lines of his drawings are no longer lines drawing a shape, but breaches revealing the light of the soul of the characters. In fragility or in strength, love or hatred, feelings of joy or sadness ... For Sfez, what makes a man beautiful is what makes him alive.

As if connected to the frequency of life, his works are colored according to the level of intensity he knows. Dark colors symbolize sadness, pastel colors, dead calm, and bright ones, joy. Simplified equation of all stored beauty, his art is the solution of an absorption to be exalted.

The creation of his movement reflects his way of thinking: inventing his own rules, expressing his talent without entering a box, without having to look like a model or meet specific criteria ... Just allow yourself the freedom "d 'be' him.