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Born in 1990 in Évry-Courcouronnes, Manuel has lived and worked in Bordeaux since 2016.


Drawing is important to him from an early age, when he spent his school hours filling his notebooks with caricatures and saucy scenes. A classic initiation into the visual arts for those who did not like school. Subsequently he took advantage of the teaching of graphic techniques when he went to study illustration in St Luc in Belgium, then the Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux allowed him to develop a more conceptual art.

Today he exploits the possibilities of invisible worlds and their macroscopic details, with the aim of rendering the scale of which is lost. The circular shape is both illustration and framing: it harmoniously delimits the design with a beginning and an end.

Without being anchored in a fixed approach, although the method is obsessive, in the eyes of the young artist aesthetic research takes precedence over reasoning, preferring to give free rein to the imagination and interpretation of the spectator.

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