Vincent Gild


A Parisian at heart, Léandre since childhood has shown an unwavering attraction for the art world, which over the years has allowed him to extricate himself from a family that is too contemptuous and violent towards him. Not being in his place, he did what was necessary to emancipate himself and build for himself the life he wanted. This led him by chance to Paris, where he was accepted at the Sorbonne School of Arts on file. Passionate, he began with a bachelor's degree and continued with a master's degree in contemporary art which he validated. He posed as a model for several photographers including Erwin Olaf. At the same time, his path towards painting was taking place; we can cite as a reference to his pictorial gesture both Pierre Soulages, Hans Hartung and Georges Mathieu. Beginning with bright colors in his early paintings; over the course of his practice: there appears an evolution towards a certain purity which is dear to him. Thus inscribing himself in a powerful painting with striking reliefs, he constantly advocates elevation of mind and a quest for wisdom; it is quite simply his catharsis.

It has been exhibited at the Galerie Vivienne and at Saint Germain en Laye. His works are present with collectors around the world: United States, Switzerland, France, Canada.



My artistic approach is constantly evolving; the crux of this is to offer a certain openness to the diktats of current society. There appears, following the undeniable rise of globalization, a mass blindness (as José Saramago admirably wrote in L'Aveuglement). I start from a simple observation, in the street, most people have their eyes fixed on their smartphones; whereas very often it is enough to look up to see a spectacle of any beauty: the sky. Thus, I am inspired by the sky and the light of the sun: essential to life. White, gold and blue therefore occupy the range of colors that I like to use. Of course, I also use black, silver and gray because the sky is not always very lenient: but I try to move away from this darkness, which reminds me of my painful past; because it would be too easy and dangerous for me to fall into this again. On the contrary, I desire and I need to go towards this clarity and this light which save me and keep me away from my many demons.