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Léa Arnezeder was born to an Egyptian mother and an Austrian father. She grew up in Bali before moving to Paris as a teenager. After studying literature, she joined the famous Lee Strasberg Theater Institute drama school.  


In New York, Léa met many artists and began to paint portraits. She then layers the expression of faces on her canvases and uses the technique of dripping to highlight the shape of a mouth, the sadness of an eye, the prominence of a nose, the strength of a jaw, the the size of a forehead… Léa deconstructs the human face; manipulate it to bring out the beauty and charm of unscrupulous features.  


His art then evolves and turns to the abstract. The artist detaches himself from visible appearances to give rhythm to shapes and colors. She maintains a disinterested relationship with her canvas, obeying a spontaneous feeling more than an objective. His paintings assume the discovery of an unforeseen result. Mixed colors reveal characters from the shadows; geometric shapes reveal landscapes; graphic movements bring out invisible realities.  


His paintings are exhibited in South Africa, Paris and Berlin. She also designs movie posters for American productions. Today, Léa devotes herself mainly to abstract art and seeks, through her paintings, to give a visual experience to the public free to interpret her works. 

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