Laura Gasse

My name is Laura and this is my biography. Painting is a story as brutal as cancer when it entered my life. It was quiet, without preliminary headlights. Ovarian cancer at 20 and it is here that painting saved me and imposed itself in a whole new daily life. A large blank canvas offered by my mother during my fourth convalescence, and there was the possibility of sending a message.

Ovarian cancer affects women without the symptoms being able to alarm us. These are pains that we have to endure every day, “normal” pains, stomach aches, fatigue that we are taught to keep quiet because it is everyday life that we have to live.

Faculty of plastic arts in Amiens; the doors of the Paul-Poiret high school after an internship with a tailor in Rouen, and I finally turned to legal studies in order to become a lawyer due to lack of means to move to one of these two cities full time. But the visual arts have never really left me.

If I have been able to achieve this remission today, precisely for 18 months, it is because I never stop painting, on all supports, canvases, cardboard, scraps of paper or even ceramics ...

Blue for the most part, and the incredible possibility of nuances that this color can bring. A journey, looking far towards the horizon. Blue is infinity, everything, and the sweetness of a hope like art saves us from our most painful ailments.

At 26 years old I do not intend to stop there. I feel very lucky to have been taken care of on time and to be able to paint, without complaint. I would like to be able to help those who are in this fight and show more widely that every hope is the beginning of life.

Canvases engaged, enraged. Art and disease have no gender, no age, they are universal.