Jaouad Bentama

Jaouad Bentama is a French artist living in New York for ten years.

He was born and raised in Paris, between two doors, that of Clignancourt and that of Saint-Ouen. On weekends, with his father, then ragpicker, they sold "odds and ends" at the Flea Market, which then rubbed shoulders with antique dealers. Two worlds physically so close, but so different. On the one hand, there were second-hand clothes, old things, without much value, but whose sale was necessary for the Bentama family, on the other art, another world.

Jaouad didn't know it, but this art world would be hers, later and further away, on the other side of the ocean.

It is thanks to a neighbor, Papy Pierrot, that Jaouad, a child, will discover drawing and be initiated into art.