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Inès was born in the Parisian suburbs in France, to immigrant parents. From a Spanish mother, she spent part of her childhood between Cantabria (Spain) and the Paris region (France). She currently lives and works in the center of Paris. She owed her first artistic education to her mother, a talented seamstress who drew embroidery patterns, inspired by nature.

A graduate of the Créapole ESDI design school in Paris, his career is atypical. She will follow projects in the sectors of Fashion as a stylist, the women's press, as a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. She will also work for communication agencies as artistic director, to which she still devotes part of her activity. Following a meeting with the great calligrapher Hassan Massoudi, she will attend his workshop and will be passionate about the art of calligraphy for several years. This meeting will have a very clear influence on his works, by the association of gesture and breath.

Her art is the culmination of this period of creative frenzy of twenty years and which she needed to feed on to shape her own artistic vision. Although she has always painted throughout her career, it will not be until late, in 2017, that her art will take its place in her existence.

An imprint and past influences that naturally took their marks
in his approach and his artistic style. Paradoxically during his career, his art has gradually freed itself from all technical constraints, to focus only on the expression and decoding of the energies that drive us. She very quickly abandoned the figurative style and turned to abstraction. The influence of Joan Mitchell will be particularly present in this evolution. His painting is neither in the past nor in the future. It attaches itself to the present moment, to the moment of the act of creation.