Francois Olivier

(HE) ART, an instinctive pictorial collection inspired by dandyism, rock and fashion where movement and attitude play a fundamental role.

François-Olivier is a French painter born in Paris. Fascinated by destinies and strong personalities, He never stopped tracking down the perfect movement.

Like a choreographer or a director, he has always been passionate about the impossible by wanting to freeze the ephemeral through his painting.

Like an avid reporter or a photographer on the lookout, he often found in rock and fashion enough to quench his passion for pose and attitude ...

As he says himself "Beyond words and ideas there is the energy that we give off and the expressions that characterize us, they are our essence and our true identity, a territory where nobody has ever been able to cheat" .

He expresses in his painting where we are in our lives, in a series of snapshots. Our mutations and behavioral perigrinations are here drawn and personified ...

(HE) ART is you, it's me, like the refrain of a love song, like a look posed in an art gallery, an idea of ​​the time that we vainly try to retain, an eyelash flutter but above all a sensation.