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You are
a company

Why buy art?


Strengthen your image: develop a high-end image with your customers, suppliers, employees and partners.


Supporting young French artistic creation: a rewarding approach for the company.


Benefit from tax advantages: thanks to article 238bis of the CGI, deduct 100% of the value of the works acquired from the taxable result of your company.


Build a cultural heritage: an original way to diversify your investments.



What are the advantages?


A tax deduction for 5 years: if your company buys an original work of a living artist, you can deduct from your taxable base 20% of the purchase price each year, within the limit of 0.5% of your turnover annual business.


Original works by living artists are excluded from the professional tax base.



Who can benefit?


Companies subject to corporate tax.


Individual categories subject to income tax in the BIC category.



What are the conditions?


The artist must be alive at the time of purchase of the work.


The work must be exhibited at least 5 years on company premises and more precisely in a place accessible to the public, employees and suppliers.


The work must be entered in the company's balance sheet. The works cannot be bought to be sold quickly. They must be immobilized on the company's accounts


Your are
an individual

Contemporary art sometimes has a reputation for being elitist and perhaps you dare not push the doors of traditional art galleries. The virtual doors of the Galerie David Cha are open to everyone, collectors or novices.


By acquiring a work of contemporary art, you are buying much more than a painting, a photograph or a sculpture. You buy hours of work, sweat, doubts and inspirations from the artist. You allow an artist to continue his path by giving him the faith and confidence necessary for any creation.


By acquiring a work of contemporary art, you have a really special pleasure. You dress your interior in a unique way and give it style, your style.


By acquiring a work of contemporary art, you are betting on the future. The young talents that we find today for you are perhaps the Basquiat, the Jeff Koons, the Sophie Calle of tomorrow.



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