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Visual artist and videographer, graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Caen in 2003 with the congratulations of the jury, registered with the artists' house since 2006, I developed my visual universe in France and abroad.

I had the opportunity to present my creations in institutional structures such as (among others), the Museum of Fine Arts in Caen, the Center des arts d'Enghien les Bains or at events such as Open Window, on the Parisian Headquarters of Private Sale.


My artistic commitment develops through two main axes: 

- The hybridization of traditional mediums to digital on the one hand.

- A reflection on time and absence on the other hand.


The Human figure allows me to create a link between all of these productions, but is in no way the primary subject.

I draw in color,  I scratch, I erase, I superimpose in order to rewrite and bring out these figures like so many contemporary palimpsests. The bodies and figures emerge from the background, the traces of the tools draw, dig and erase on the one hand, but paradoxically reveal what was buried.

Serial work allows me to explore different variations of the same subject, so each of these productions is to be included in a coherent overall whole.

    The volume creations echo traditional statuary but also refer to a more conceptual and aesthetic approach.

The lace creates new rhythms, like so many breaths.