Claire Kavaya

Born in 1986, lives and works in Paris

2010, graduate of Fine Arts in Paris

2013, "Special Jury Mention", David-Weill Drawing Prize, Institute of Fine Arts

2018, co-host of the daily Sketchbook show on the MUSEUM channel

My work revolves around light, composition, the balance between full and empty, substance and form, presence and absence.

Empty and abandoned spaces, sublimated by painting, parks full of life and movement, which become a pretext for having fun with shapes and colors, culminating in a work where aesthetics always takes precedence over the idea.

I believe in a generous, frank, alive painting, turned towards the spectator. It is important to me not to fall into common places related to what an artist is or should be, and to show that creation can also be motivated by happiness and not only by neurosis.

Turned to the United States, having lived 3 years in Texas and married to a Californian, I have always been mainly influenced by Anglo-Saxon figurative painters (Georgia O'Keefe, David Hockney, Edward Hopper, Peter Doig, Eric Fischl ), their specific way of treating light, which gives them a modernity assumed in the treatment of figuration.