Pierre CALOgero is a French artist, self-taught, who has been drawing and painting since the age of twenty. It began with a figurative period before adopting abstraction as the main mode of expression. He experimented with the most varied techniques and supports. He learned engraving and printing in the Parisian workshop of the painter Henri Goetz.

Numerous events mark out the different stages of his artistic journey.

He has participated in multiple individual and collective exhibitions in France or abroad.

In 2015 he exhibited part of his work in China with a group of French artists.

In 2017 he participated in the Salon d'Automne in Paris.

He illustrated an edition for the publisher Fata Morgana in Montpellier in 2001.

His artistic approach is part of a two-dimensional space: Color and texture, gesture and drawing.

He makes his own pigments colors as well as his materials.

His practice is based on several vectors: imprints, projections, embossings, collages.

He mainly uses acrylic, sand, Indian ink.

His inspiration is based on a permanent need to paint and finds its sources in nature or in the photography he also practices. It represents shapes. geometric or constructed or gestural projections based on breath and concentration.

Her painting remains non-figurative, it is an invitation to an inner journey, it combines

rigor and chance, real and imaginary, color and light spring up like a source. constantly renewing and expressing great freedom.