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Established in France since 1985, Suntta Li is one of those artists who explore the turmoil that occurs when two cultures meet. Multidisciplinary, he has recently refocused his work on “the image” through painting, photography and sometimes a mixture of the two in order to deconstruct it and invite us to look at it differently. This new series of paintings made of superimpositions is another illustration of this. “Why look at a painting in one direction only? »Specifies Suntta Li. The artist has therefore" invested "his paintings in each direction. At the start, the eye is lost in this labyrinth of lines and colors where the gaze struggles to find an entrance and an exit. Then, a little bit, a face emerges, a hand becomes more precise and the drawing is finally revealed. But a moment of bewilderment and everything disappears. “My goal is to play on the border between the visible and the invisible and to force the viewer to look at the image differently. “Indeed, the latter is no longer passive and becomes an actor to discern the four scenes present by turning his head from left to right, even upside down. With this series of paintings, Suntta Li develops, in a way, a thermodynamics of the image where nothing is lost, nothing is created, but where everything is transformed ...