Véronique Cauchefer's work is jubilant with its lush palette and freedom of composition. The artist has always painted, with this imperative need to express himself. She follows courses at the Beaux-Arts in Paris which will perfect her technique without however altering the youthful spontaneity of her inspiration.

Véronique Cauchefer knows how to capture the atmosphere of an interior, an intimate atmosphere, the silent tranquility of a room where sometimes a human presence appears, often meditative, just like a landscape with exotic vegetation where man and man seem to live together in peace. the animal.

She has traveled a lot, but her subjects are most often the fruit of her imagination, the transcription of her memories, thus creating a paradisiacal universe where one would like to stay: landscapes or interiors with almost axonometric compositions, giving her paintings a resolutely contemporary character. Like David Hockney's painting, it is the color that counts and its assemblages, and not the reality of things or the right perspective.

The artist is a dreamer and this is reflected in her paintings with a sensitive palette, featuring fictional stories between characters, animals, in the heart of colorful spaces, giving these protagonists a vibrant and augmented presence.

Véronique Cauchefer communicates her emotions to us and her paintings invite us to travel, leading us happily into her radiant, soft and voluptuous universe.