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Since my adolescence, I express myself through two passions the profession of actress and the visual arts, one nourishing the other. Very quickly, I had the opportunity to play at the Theater in contemporary pieces, such as Blood on the Neck of the Cat, by Fassbinder or classics like, Don Juan by Molière.

Later comes the cinema, feature films like Sabine, by Philippe Faucon or Petite Chérie by Anne Villacéque, in which I play the main role.
I like to build my characters by strolling in museums, drawing inspiration from a painting, choosing a dominant color, the universe of a painter ...

Along with my profession as an actress, I paint, draw, make collages.
In 2005, I wrote a play, Entre les mots, (lame sister) which received support from the Beaumarchais Foundation for contemporary writing.

This two-character piece features the action of painting. It allows the actors to express through gesture, color and shape, sensations, emotions for which they cannot always find words.

This is exactly what I feel in my work, from the complementarity of the two disciplines.
These two practices require total commitment and true sincerity.

For 8 years, painting has imposed itself on me, becoming my main vector of expression.

I confront the canvas as a blank page. Painting for me is like going into meditation.

The first Head appeared out of nowhere one Autumn afternoon. Then the Heads are born one after the other. Figures of dreams, impressions left of a face crossed in the street, memory of an image seen on glossy paper or coming straight from my unconscious ... At the same time symbol, expression of a feeling or of a state, imaginary character or figure of speech. They are imposed on me.

So from Tête à Tête a path emerges, that of a heady journey.