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Yu Zhao's painting joins the movement of contemporary literate art which seeks to deconstruct ideographism. However, “Yu Zhao, instead of breaking the ideograms, goes back to their source […] which is none other than the imprints of nature, of the flow of consciousness, formed by a brush vibrating with feeling. »(Léon Vandermeersch).


Born in 1976 in Beijing, Yu Zhao followed for several years preparatory courses at the Central School of Fine Arts and the Beijing Costume Institute, thus acquiring a solid foundation in drawing and colors. After university studies in French at the Institute of International Relations in Beijing, Yu Zhao came to France to devote himself to painting, which attracted him as a vocation.


At the University of Bordeaux III, the studies of Visual Arts sparked a real cultural revolution in Yu Zhao's vision of art. Subsequently, she obtained her doctorate at the University of Paris 8 after passionate research on the terminology of pictorial art in ancient China. Indeed, it is in France that Yu Zhao rediscovered the painting and calligraphy of her country of origin, with Madame Peng-Tuan Keh Ming, of whom she was successor at Paris-Ateliers between 2007 and 2010.


The discovery of contemporary dance was decisive for his creative path. From 2010, Yu Zhao gave herself entirely to her personal creation. His process consists of a synthesis between the ink game from the Chinese tradition and the performance inspired by contemporary dance. Yu Zhao chose tempera - an ancestral and mythical technique in Western art - to paint like Indian ink on thick paper (then mounted on canvas). With its gradations, textures and gestural forms - all in a premeditated play of emptiness and fullness - Yu Zhao's paintings invite you to travel in imaginary landscapes, always in the open sense. The message is pictorial and, the writing, on the verge of being reborn.


Yu Zhao exhibits regularly in France and China. She lives and works in Paris.