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de Voc

“I try to convey emotions through colors and shapes without resorting to the representation of reality. Art becomes art when emotion is reached. "


Aude de Voc is a self-taught contemporary painter born in 1978 in Lyon.

Eager to transform, confront and mix materials, her work is essentially based on acrylic paint, to which she adds material, whether it is overlays or a layer of transparency.

His work questions, but never leaves you indifferent. Painting gives him the freedom to express himself without any limits. The strength of colors is its signature. His mode of inspiration is linked to lyrical abstraction. Lots of trips and great encounters further afield, Voc paints with passion.

A cheerful and luminous approach to colors, aptly associating luminous acrylic shades.

She tries to create a visual harmony that corresponds to the emotion felt when she paints.

His works are  a real ode to life.

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