Annabelle godeau

I see painting as a research laboratory on how we tell ourselves. The identity or the idea of ​​being faithful to "oneself" and to its "roots", is a concept which does not cease nonetheless to slip away as soon as one would like to seize it. It is however a questioning that feeds my painting, leading me to telescope images as well from dance manuals or advertisements for hair products, as screenshots of musicals or even personal photographs.

This assemblage of paintings happens to be the fruit of detours and chances, very often of spontaneous reunion. From these various sources, I extract slogans which I do not hesitate to truncate as well as enigmatic diagrams; I cut, re-cut and capture pieces that seem meaningful to me, isolating moments that are not intended to be contemplated; I use low quality images to make anonymous princely portraits, whose faces I paint with the same gestures they used to cover their skins or masks.

It is the representation of self-realization which happens to be the common thread of these paintings: the way in which, through markers like dance, hairstyle or what we put on our face, we choreograph, we stages itself. These questions go, for me, hand in hand with painting which is itself a ritual medium which requires to follow certain rules in a certain order; it is also a practice of staging, the blank canvas allowing total freedom of composition.