Alice-Anne Augustin

Photo credit: Cédrick-Isham Calvados

Originally from Guadeloupe, Alice-Anne Augustin is an artist graduated from the University of Bordeaux III in Plastic Arts.
She spent several years in Canada where she obtained a License in Human Relations Communication, then a Masters in Experimental Media Communication during which she submitted her thesis in the form of a work.
From this Mastery will be born the Paper Robes, made from recycled newsprint, recovered from newsstands in Montreal subways, and worn by dancers from all walks of life, during choreographic performances.

"My art is a proposition, a mirror interface which allows the
who observes to look in him. "

About her art

In painting, she uses a fluid art technique. The colors are spread over the canvas as the elements do on Earth or in Space, which is why we can see almost natural shots, photographs of territories seen from the sky, oceanic reliefs, mineral canvases. , cellular or sometimes cosmic… very anchored in abstraction.
His practice of this technique is an application of letting go. Creativity can be inspired by anything, visible or invisible. Sometimes there is just an urgency to create, like a call. As part of his practice, his credo is: Live in the moment. She saw it as a creation of small universes, fragments of time, with as little control or mentalization as possible, which is on the other end of the spectrum, vis-à-vis the thoroughness and the time that require the Paper Dresses.