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Abraham Aronovitch is a French painter born in 1953 in Casablanca. He lives and works in Paris.

About ten years ago, this former ophthalmologist, keen on art, naturally switched to the side of creation, because after having spent his life restoring sight, it became urgent to show ... and to offer his vision of the world around him.

Art and science have in common that they question the world in order to make the invisible visible… This quest is the one that underlies the creations of Abraham Aronovitch.

It is by borrowing a style combining figurative and abstract that the artist opens our eyes to a world where matter and energy are one.

Everything in his artistic approach reflects the reflection of an energy that goes beyond us and shows a moving reality, in search of a perfect balance between its tangible and intangible dimensions. For this, he does not hesitate to use unusual materials such as crosslinked polyethylene tube or glued pleated canvas in order to materialize the intangible and thus provoke questioning. Each of his works is the result of a long process of reflection and is often presented in the form of existential or societal questions. He thus addresses all the subjects which are dear to him: the human being, his identity, his place in the world, his intimate conflicts ...

Each time, two readings are possible, infinitely adaptable according to the viewer and his state of mind: one pessimistic, imprinted with obscurity, the other optimistic, with its potential for light and harmony.

The artist participates in exhibitions and shows around the world: Milan, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Manchester, Paris ...